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    In the early 20th century, a small republic found itself stuck between a kingdom and an empire - both of whom wanted to manipulate the republic to suit their own needs. 

    In order to protect itself from both sides of the conflict, the republic created a small group of soldiers whose job it is to suppress revolution and dissent in any way possible. This is the story of the Opera House. 

    From the author of Youjo Senki.

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    Baikoku Kikan - Raw Chap 6

    Baikoku Kikan - Raw Chap 7


    Baikoku Kikan - Raw Chap 5 776 Views

    Baikoku Kikan - Raw Chap 4 1418 Views

    Baikoku Kikan - Raw Chap 3 1533 Views

    Baikoku Kikan - Raw Chap 2 1743 Views

    Baikoku Kikan - Raw Chap 1 3850 Views


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